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Mike Hill Creative
4442 El Presidio Dr
Las Vegas, NV, 89141

Hi, I am the graphic designer and web developer for NALGAP.
I am a dependable website designer and graphic designer who authentically cares about the inner and outer beauty of your online presence and branded marketing.
From logo design to website development, I will transform all facets of your next marketing project and online brand presence.

Contact me to talk about your next:

  • Logo Design Project
  • Website Development Project
  • Powerpoint Presentation Project
  • Print Marketing Project


NALGAP: The Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Addiction Professionals & Their Allies
Serving the LGBT Communities since 1979

NALGAP’s mission is to confront all forms of oppression and discriminatory practices in the delivery of services to all people and to advocate for programs and services that affirm all genders and sexual orientations. NALGAP provides information, training, networking, and advocacy about addiction and related problems, and support for those engaged in the health professions, individuals in recovery, and others concerned about the health of gender and sexual minorities.

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